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Who Am I?

Helen Smith is a Register Nurse and a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner. Helen started her professional career 36 years ago. About 15 years ago she added a focus of health and wellness with a holistic approach to her career path, while competing in barrel racing. Competing and keeping you and your horse in top physical condition is an important part of any performance event. Helen learned about Magna Wave PEMF therapy in 2015 following a knee injury. “I was so impressed by the profound effect of healing I received from PEMF therapy, I told my husband that I want a Magna Wave machine. I want to get my certification and be able to help others like PEMF therapy helped me”.

Helen received a degree as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO. In addition, Helen has completed her Certification as a Magna Wave Practitioner. Helen works with people, horses and small animals to improve their over all well being. Magna Wave PEMF has a top of the line training and certification program for all practitioners. They have a great support system, once certified, all practitioners have access at any time to reach out to other practitioners and professionals such as: doctors, vets, and chiropractors to ask questions, receive protocols and new treatment information.

Caring for people, horses, and animals has always been a large part of Helen’s life. Helen is very competitive in barrel racing, keeping yourself and your horse healthy and in top performance condition is a very important aspect to being successful. PEMF therapy provides a non-invasive, safe, and natural way to improve health, rejuvenate the body, and achieve a faster recovery time for you and your horse.